About us

The immenseness of the ocean, the solitude of the desert, the noise of the urban jungle… The world is an amazing mix of colours, aromas, sensations and sounds. Everyone of us is able to inspire and bring these things that surround us to life, even the most mundane ones.

Luke socks was founded by Lukas Obrecht and friends in 2016, to express the sensation of freedom and infinite possibilities. We use socks as our screen, to capture inspiration and art. We create cutting-edge designs, but still commit ourselves to the newest trends and customer needs. We stay true to the quality of traditional manufacturing of socks and create limited editions, which are suitable for every day use.

Luke socks are available in our online shop as well as in selected stores.

Our socks


Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Turkey using high quality cotton, our socks conform to the highest quality standards and are Oeko-certified. In this way we guarantee a high degree of comfort as well as a long-lasting durability.

Our socks have been carefully selected, worn and tested by us, to guarantee maximum comfort.

80% Combed Cotton, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane